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Period Entity Location Position
2019/~ Grupo Recovery São Paulo Senior Enterprise Architect
2018/2018 7COMm Serviços em TI São Paulo Senior C# backend developer
2018/2018 Ventron São Paulo Senior C# backend developer
2013/2018 B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão São Paulo Senior fullstack developer
2010/2013 7COMm Serviços em TI São Paulo Senior ASP.Net developer
2009/2010 LabOne Systems São Paulo Senior ASP.Net MVC developer
2009/2009 BRQ Digital Solutions São Paulo Senior ASP.Net developer
2008/2009 Fórum Access São Paulo Full ASP.Net developer
2007/2008 BSI Tecnologia São Paulo Senior ASP developer
2005/2007 BSI Tecnologia Londrina Full ASP developer
2003/2005 WeBee e-Marketing Londrina Junior ASP developer
2002/2002 CenaFinal Londrina Website content writer

Senior Enterprise Architect at Grupo Recovery

I’m part of the team accountable for making the company more competible on its market, constantly balancing the needs of all company areas and our goals, such as better results, higher income, less expenses, incresed user satisfaction, data accuracy, business disponibility, security, auditability and complience.

Grupo Recovery is an Itaú S.A. company and leader in credit recovery.

Senior C# backend developer at 7COMm Serviços em TI

I acted as tech leader and the main developer on the reforging of Office Banking 7, an office banking solution offered by 7COMm. The old OB7 was based on Visual Basic 6 ActiveX components alongside with classic ASP, a D-1 based system. The new OB7 was based on ASP.Net Core 2.1 REST API backend and Angular-CLI frontend.

7COMm Serviços em TI is delivering IT solutions and services for more than 30 years.

Senior C# backend developer by Ventron at XP Investimentos

Located at XP Investimentos as senior backend developer at a B2B squad, manly developing and optimizing RESTful apps based on DDD paradigm, but also sustaining current apps and discontinued RESTful micro services whilst new versions aren’t fully released.

Founded in 2001, XP Investimentos is the largest investment broker in Brazil and is the main reference in investment advice.

Ventron is a Cadmus company.

Senior fullstack developer at B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão

I had actively participated in important fronts in solutions for the whole capital market. Highlighted by its architecture, response time and stability superior of the global average. Dealt with regulatory agencies and was accountable for two payroll system migrations of more than 2000 employees without unavailability in the systems involved. Formerly outsourced, as soon the legal issues expired I was invited by the company to join them as an employee.

Patient and understanding, tries to understand the whole context before intervening, serving the user as solidly as possible

Calm and focused, he is always concerned not to rush into urgent solutions, assessing the risks and urgency of each solution presented

Agile, proactive, dedicated and organized, always aligned with team efforts, boosting teamwork

B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão is the 5th largest exchange company in the world. It’s the resulting company after a merge, in 2017, of CETIP and BM&FBOVESPA.

Senior ASP.Net developer by 7COMm at B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão

Located at B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão I joined the most challenging project in my career. I developed the kernel of a new tool for measuring customer portfolio of stock derivatives to set the risk of their portfolio and define the value requested by the company to guarantee their transactions. The project had really aggressive performance targets and we delivered a kernel 90% faster than the required.

After that, yet at B3 - Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão, I worked at their website both sustaining and developing new features, making all kind of integrations with several systems to attend the regulations and needs of the capitals market.

One of the most competent and professional co-workers I’ve ever worked with

I also worked at Netshoes for a couple of months delivering a build and deploy automation solution using Microsoft Team Foundation Services.

Netshoes is a Brazilian e-commerce sporting goods conglomerate established in 2000 and maintains distribution centers in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

7COMm Serviços em TI is delivering IT solutions and services for more than 30 years.

Senior ASP.Net MVC developer at LabOne Systems

I acted in the development of a new proposal from Microsoft Brazil for Banco do Brasil S. A. with a lightweight ATM, exploring the multimedia resources of Windows Communication Foundation. Our solution was extremely well accepted by the client, but the project was shuted down after the clients ATM provider decided no long deliver Windows powered machines.

I also delivered some features at Sonora, an online streaming radio similar to Spotify Radio feature, and TV iG with media transcoding.

Quick learning in media transcoding

LabOne was an outsource company started with the development of an online streaming radio called Usina do Som in the early 2000 with more than 1.7 million registered users. It later becomes Sonora as part of Terra entertainment portal.

Senior ASP.Net developer by BRQ Digital Solutions at Banco Itaú S. A.

Located at Banco Itaú S. A. I acted a short time as specifying analyst and most of time as ASP.Net fullstack developer on the bank’s institutional websites like Instituto Itaú Cultural and Fundação Itaú Social.

Best system development specification

In 2017 Banco Itaú S. A. was rated #13 in Forbes “World’s 25 Biggest Banks”.

Full ASP.Net developer at Fórum Access

At Fórum Access I was part of the team assigned to develop the first trading system for Milenia, an pesticides supplier that trades its merchandise with several commodities with live update of its values on the main commodities stock markets.

Quick learning in systems architecture

Milenia was rebranded as Adama Brasil and was founded in Londrina in 1970 as Herbitécnica. Adama Brasil was three times elected as one of the 150 better places to work in Brazil.

Senior ASP developer by BSI Tecnologia at Banco Itaú S. A.

My job was to receive the packaged code delivered by the external software factory, deploy it in quality assurance environment, make the required tests to assure the quality of the job done by my fellow coworkers at the factory and deliver a new package ready for deploy in production.

Full ASP developer at BSI Tecnologia

I’ve joined BSI Tecnologia as a trainee for a new COBOL team. The training program had 6 months duration but I digress in the first month, when I accepted joining the brand new non-mainframe platform team. I’ve joined the new team as a full classic ASP developer. I had a deficient but motivational technical environment that lead me to learn JavaScript, advanced file IO and regular expressions, skills that boosted my productivity and my career.

At BSI Tecnologia software factory I also taught JavaScript for ASP, ASP.Net and Java programers, and ASP for ASP.Net programmers.

Reference in JavaScript for years in BSI Technologia, even after he’s left the company

Reference in regular expressions in BSI Technologia

Junior ASP developer at WeBee e-Marketing

It was at WeBee that I felt for the first time that I became a professional programmer. It was, in fact, the very first job I had to deal with customers needs and technical aspects. I coded ASP and PHP connecting with Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server databases, delivering websites, e-commerces, hot sites and backoffice solutions.

Focused, objective, curious, intelligent and team player

WeBee e-Marketing is a local reference and won many awards in Londrina.

Website content writer at

It was a part-time job during the high school. I was a content writer and started as junior ASP developer helping the web site maintenance. was an entertainment website about movies on theaters with come great info about home video and open television program.

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